The Ultimate Content Creator!

You know who I’m talking about… He may not have a social media account but He also never runs out of ideas! It is definitely a blessing that we have so many things that we can choose from (here on Earth) that can bring us joy and positive feelings – for free.

YES, I’m talking about the ultimate creator, God!

Considering the number of animals, plants, and colors – there are trillions of combinations that all equal lifeforms that are creative and unique.

Evolution or not – there are so many wonderful kinds of trees that just blow your mind with the differences.

Geography in general – the Earth has different climates, levels of humidity, different kinds of clouds. and rocks! Let’s not forget the amount of naturally occurring gemstones. So. Many. Stones.

We can take it further still when you take into account the various parts of the human experience. The number of things that can cause us joy. Or even sadness.

The creativity of humans shines pretty brilliantly. All the stories, novels, books and movies. Even with so many remakes, some still find a way to make it a bit different from the original.

God created all these different foods that are available – and then humans crafted the menus that feature countless combinations for health or flavor – all the way down to complimentary beverages and desserts.

Also: how many different herbs are there on the Earth? The ones that are used for flavor, for medicine, and for tea!

What else has God created for us? What other varieties do we have the pleasure to choose from? Take your pick 🙂

Human inventions, such as musical instruments, are a perfect example of how the God Consciousness/Source Energy inside of humans is capable of dynamic amounts of creativity and newness.

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